Bullying is the physical, verbal, sexual, or psychological harassment of individuals stemming from a power imbalance. This can occur among youth, between an adult and a youth, between adults, between able-bodied and disabled, at school, in the workplace—bullying is a problem which does not discriminate among who it effects.

Hawaii Youth Services Network (HYSN) has created a culturally relevant bullying prevention video designed for use in Hawaii and other Pacific Island cultures. Take a Stand Lend a Hand shows episodes of bullying in a school classroom and cafeteria, and models ways that youth and adults can help. At the same time, it helps viewers understand that bullies can also be victims, and that all parties involved in a bullying incident need help and support.

Take a Stand Lend a Hand contains scenes and language that some viewers may find disturbing. Hawaii Youth Services Network recommends that youth workers, educators, and others who use this video to provide bullying prevention education include opportunities for discussion, and be prepared for emotional reactions, especially from viewers who may have experienced bullying or other past trauma.

Bullying Hurts PSA

Bullying Hurts

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